Our History



Located on the northern edge of the San Juan Basin, one of the nations largest gas producing regions, Durango has become the hub of the Four Corners Region.  Basin production was established by some of the industries early and successful pioneers. Natural gas development began in 1921 and was followed by the first commercial oil well in 1922. The abundance of natural resources coupled with the meeting of desert and mountain geographies make Durango a beautiful, unique and strategically located town.

Lon moved to Durango from Washington D.C. in 1992 at the start of the coalbed methane boom.  Since that time, Lon has acquired unsurpassed knowledge of the basin’s history, its operators and nuances, providing a strong foundation for the firm as it stands today.  Andrew joined Lon Abadie in the summer of the 2007, after developing and honing his legal skills in the rural courthouses south of Oklahoma City. The firm subsequently expanded to basins such as the Bakken, Permian and DJ among others.

Since then, Lon and Andrew have strived to develop a culture intent on providing the best legal services by placing their client’s interests above their own, while nurturing an atmosphere that welcomes creativity and proficiency in their staff and attorneys.  In line with serving their clients well, Lon and Andrew seek to provide an employee experience that aligns well with their Colorado-town culture through a fitness program that includes gym membership and group Crossfit classes for all employees.

We enjoy our clients' regular visits to our small mountain town where they can enjoy abundant opportunities to raft, fish, ski and enjoy the limitless outdoor activities of the Four Corners Region.